OT Lumix LX3 acquisition

Bob W pdml at web-options.com
Mon Oct 26 15:34:09 EDT 2009

Lovely camera isn't it?  I went looking at compacts yesterday with a friend
who was in the market for one. She bought a Lumix TZ7, but while I was
looking at everything I was very impressed by the LX3, the Canon G10/11 and
the Nikon P6000. I suspect if I was in the market for that sort of thing I'd
get the LX3.


> Sooo bad Pentax doesn't produce such "pro" small cameras.. :(
> Well, I'm very very happy with this little camera, taking 
> into account it is a P&S.
> Sensor is small (although bigger than conventional P&Ses) so 
> noise is definitely quite more present than on a DSLR.
> Size is just the max I'd agree for a P&S, it slides into my 
> jacket pocket fine (a G10/G11 wouldn't have).
> It tends to overexpose (or is it Pentax DSLRs which are supposed to
> underexpose?) a tad but -2/3 or -1 EV is easy to set (and 
> remains active even after power off).
> I shoot everything in RAW as I always do. I didn't find the 
> write speed to be slow so I'm happy with speed in general.
> The joystick used to change aperture and shutter speed is 
> easier to use than I thought it would. I still prefer Ricoh 
> way of doing (a nice wheel like DSLRs but Ricoh prices were 
> insane). Most useful settings are very quickly changed if 
> they need to.
> The layout change possibility (2:3, 3:2, 16:9) keeps the 
> equivalent focal length (special sensor) so choosing 16:9 you 
> still have useful wide angle.
> The lens (for a P&S) is bright: 24-60/2-2.8 and stabilized so 
> it minimizes noise a bit. I don't care about tele.
> AF speed is OK for a P&S (yes, faster than K-7 Cd-AF ;) Video 
> 720p is good to have although I don't care much but about it.
> Built quality is very very good (nice metal retro look) but 
> the mode ring which is "plastic fantastic".
> The bad: Size. It is acceptable but really limit for my use. 
> No zoom/af when video. No viewfinder of any sorts. External 
> ones are available but pricey as heel.
> Really bad: Panasonic really should have given a pouch of some sorts!
> I recycled another one from my old MiniDisc player but 
> still... for that price a pouch should have been free.
> Images to follow when I have some minutes to me.
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