Heard from Ed about boat photos

Luiz Felipe luiz.felipe at techmit.com.br
Mon Oct 26 15:10:26 EDT 2009

Well, there are some able to earn money in lots of situations. Larry, I 
differ from Ed in just one point - I'd do boat photos <too> - so try 
those driving photos, some boats, would-be models, dog shows... whatever 
you think you can do well, or at least well enough.

On-site printing should get you more opportunities, at the extra 
hardware toil. Don't forget theft, in this case of the hardware needed 
to print on the site.

Main issue with photography as income, IMHO: you get busy days, idle 
days. Too many idle days, too little money from that particular source. 
I did some money with photo, mainly in local fashion magazines, 
advertising and making books for would-be and established models. At the 
time I had a partner with a medium sized model agency... we split the 
studio expenses, and that also allowed me to brief the students in photo 
lingo, proper model behavior, start them in a studio - and make a small 
book for the interested ones. And a proper one, now and then, with a 
paid hairdresser and make-up person.

Try the races. AND try the boats, too. Do you have access to boat 
races?? Can you get some boat owners to pay your gas and tickets, at 
least??? The moment you break even is important: everything extra is 
profit. Tourists may buy some photos if they see and like - do you have 
any place to show some boats by sunset? Around here there are open 
fairs, where tourists buy paintings, regional dresses, hand made leather 
bags, sandals, etc. Would you stand by some photos?

Of course, your aim is money. But it hardly will drop in your pocket by 
itself, so do try those new ideas. You may succeed.


Cotty escreveu:
> On 25/10/09, William Robb, discombobulated, unleashed:
>> I noticed at our dawg shos this year that the event photographer had a dye
>> sub printer and was cranking prints out on the spot. Apparently you make
>> better sales if you catch the people at their moment of glory and can hand
>> over a picture right now than if they have to wait for it to be mailed out.
>> As Dave has said, and I suspect this is happening with your retired friend,
>> any image you put on a website will probably be lifted and the person will
>> make do with whatever quality they can get from it.
> Quite a few years ago, one of the local pillars of the community was
> RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals) inspector
> was a chap called Nick Ridley. He loved dogs, and enjoyed photography,
> and was soon snapping dogs at weekend country and game shows. He got
> very good at it and decided to set up a stall snapping animal portraits.
> He would shoot and then print for collection same day. It grew and grew,
> and soon his wife was helping out, and it was both days of the weekends,
> full-on.
> There came a point at which he was making more money than the day job,
> so he resigned and went full-time. Now, hundreds of shows and two books
> later, he employs people to handle the post production side from a
> trailer with computers and printers. All same day - shoot, take the
> order, collect before you leave the show. Smart - take the money ASAP
> before people think twice!
> <http://www.nickridley.com/>
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