OT Lumix LX3 acquisition

Thibouille pentaxlist at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 12:32:35 EDT 2009

Sooo bad Pentax doesn't produce such "pro" small cameras.. :(

Well, I'm very very happy with this little camera, taking into account
it is a P&S.
Sensor is small (although bigger than conventional P&Ses) so noise is
definitely quite more present than on a DSLR.
Size is just the max I'd agree for a P&S, it slides into my jacket
pocket fine (a G10/G11 wouldn't have).

It tends to overexpose (or is it Pentax DSLRs which are supposed to
underexpose?) a tad but -2/3 or -1 EV is easy to set (and remains
active even after power off).
I shoot everything in RAW as I always do. I didn't find the write
speed to be slow so I'm happy with speed in general.

The joystick used to change aperture and shutter speed is easier to
use than I thought it would. I still prefer Ricoh way of doing (a nice
wheel like DSLRs but Ricoh prices were insane). Most useful settings
are very quickly changed if they need to.
The layout change possibility (2:3, 3:2, 16:9) keeps the equivalent
focal length (special sensor) so choosing 16:9 you still have useful
wide angle.

The lens (for a P&S) is bright: 24-60/2-2.8 and stabilized so it
minimizes noise a bit. I don't care about tele.
AF speed is OK for a P&S (yes, faster than K-7 Cd-AF ;)
Video 720p is good to have although I don't care much but about it.

Built quality is very very good (nice metal retro look) but the mode
ring which is "plastic fantastic".

The bad: Size. It is acceptable but really limit for my use. No
zoom/af when video. No viewfinder of any sorts. External ones are
available but pricey as heel.

Really bad: Panasonic really should have given a pouch of some sorts!
I recycled another one from my old MiniDisc player but still... for
that price a pouch should have been free.

Images to follow when I have some minutes to me.

Thibault Massart aka Thibouille
Photo: K10D,Z1,SuperA,KX,MX, P30t and KR-10x ;) ...
Thinkpad: X23+UB,X60+UB
Programing: D7 user (trying out D2007)

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