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ann sanfedele annsan at
Mon Oct 26 11:21:40 EDT 2009

Charles Robinson wrote:

> On Oct 20, 2009, at 10:34, ann sanfedele wrote:
>> So I searched for some reference to tagging here and on Frank's  blog...
>> cant find it.  Scratching head...
>> Explain please... the only thing I could think of is people are now  
>> calling graffiti "tags"
>> Of course I don't really understand what tags are on the internet  
>> either lol 
> From
> "Much like, but not to be confused with graffiti. Tagging is signing  
> your name or other representation of yourself on anywhere public.  
> (walls, bus-stops, alleyways, paved streets, etc.)
> Unlike graffiti, tagging usually takes less time and skill as it is  
> done in one color with a single can of spray paint or thick marker."
>  -Charles

 From wikipedia there is this :  

Graffiti (singular: graffito; the plural is used as a mass noun 
<>) is the name for images or 
lettering scratched, scrawled, painted or marked in any manner on 
property. Graffiti is any type of public markings that may appear in the 
forms of simple written words to elaborate wall paintings. Graffiti has 
existed since ancient times

link to the more elaborate definition there :

which notes that the tagging is specific to gang related stuff...

Still looks to me that whoever wrote that urban definition doest 
recognize that tag is a sub-category of graffiti.

(sorry, this had been bothering me ever since you wrote it and I finally 
remembered to research further :)  )


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