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Mon Oct 26 07:35:58 EDT 2009

Christine Aguila wrote:
> Hi Bruce:  I like the last two very much. Nicely moody. I like the 2nd 
> one too--boy, she's pretty--lovely eyes.  Also, the 3rd one is nice, but 
> I wonder if it's too busy around the face with the lighting scheme and 
> the hair.  Probably just my uneducated studio eye.  Ignore that last 
> comment if it seems goofy.  Overall, nice work, and tell Tina best of 
> luck with the auditions and that she's lovely.  Cheers, Christine

I think I understand you about #3. I was using a straight flash camera 
left and it has given her face too much harsh shadowing which is likely 
not helped by the tousled hair. I think a larger light source (and more 
styled hair?) would be better. There was a medium size umbrella to 
camera right on lower power that gave the rest of her a nice even light.

Thank-you, and I'll pass your good wishes on to Tina, Christine.


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>> Shots from my very first modeling photoshoot on Saturday.
>> Comments gratefully received.
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