GESO - Tina

Bruce Walker bruce.walker at
Mon Oct 26 07:14:15 EDT 2009

Doug Brewer wrote:
> Bruce Walker wrote:
>> Shots from my very first modeling photoshoot on Saturday.

>> Comments gratefully received.
>> -bmw
> Pretty good, Bruce. Something to keep in mind is matching the scene to 
> the mood. In general you want to use a darker background for more 
> serious expressions, higher key for peppy, etc. Not a hard and fast 
> rule, to be sure, but give it a try and see if the shots seems more 
> "right."
> Not complaining about the work at all. Just something that I recalled 
> from my studio days when I was viewing it.

After reviewing these, Tina decided that she overdid the serious 
expression and didn't end up with the look she wanted. And I completely 
agree with you, Doug: her sombre look really doesn't go with the 
high-key lighting. We're going to redo.

Thanks for your comments, Doug!


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