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Hi Bruce:  I like the last two very much. Nicely moody. I like the 2nd one 
too--boy, she's pretty--lovely eyes.  Also, the 3rd one is nice, but I 
wonder if it's too busy around the face with the lighting scheme and the 
hair.  Probably just my uneducated studio eye.  Ignore that last comment if 
it seems goofy.  Overall, nice work, and tell Tina best of luck with the 
auditions and that she's lovely.  Cheers, Christine

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> Shots from my very first modeling photoshoot on Saturday.  Great fun for 
> me, though a *lot* of hard work. Hotshoe flashes are versatile little 
> buggers, and I was using two of them triggered wirelessly off the popup 
> flash.  But the lack of a modeling light in the setup so I could get 
> accurate focus is a serious impediment. I had to keep turning on and off a 
> small gooseneck halogen lamp, and that really slowed me down.
> Shots were lit by one or two AF-540FGZ flashes and shot with a K20D and 
> DA* 50-135mm lens @ f/8.0, 1/125th.  All manually focussed (too dim for 
> AF) and the flashes were all on manual too.
> As an aside, I now truly grok all the complaints from here about the 
> Pentax flashes auto wireless behaviour. I don't have too much trouble with 
> a single flash with some ambient light, but two flashes at once and near 
> darkness -- total chaos! Luckily, I figured that out while doing prep work 
> for this shoot, so I started in full manual mode and stayed there. But 
> that strongly suggests either switching in future to A/C studio strobes, 
> or just getting some el-cheapo (eg Vivitar) flashes in future. If I can't 
> make use of the P-TTL logic, why waste the dough?
> My model is Tina Hung, an aspiring actor/singer/dancer. Tina is practicing 
> her "serious look" here. :-)
> Makeup & styling: Tina and Louise Peacock
> Camera: Pentax K20D, DA* 50-135mm F2.8
> Lighting: Pentax AF-540FGZ x 2,
>         Westcott 45" shoot-through umbrella,
>         home-made snoot,
>         silver Dollar-store auto-reflector.
> Studio: my living room. :-)
> Comments gratefully received.
> -bmw
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