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Doug Brewer doug at
Sun Oct 25 21:30:17 EDT 2009

Bruce Walker wrote:
> Shots from my very first modeling photoshoot on Saturday.  Great fun for 
> me, though a *lot* of hard work. Hotshoe flashes are versatile little 
> buggers, and I was using two of them triggered wirelessly off the popup 
> flash.  But the lack of a modeling light in the setup so I could get 
> accurate focus is a serious impediment. I had to keep turning on and off 
> a small gooseneck halogen lamp, and that really slowed me down.
> Shots were lit by one or two AF-540FGZ flashes and shot with a K20D and 
> DA* 50-135mm lens @ f/8.0, 1/125th.  All manually focussed (too dim for 
> AF) and the flashes were all on manual too.
> As an aside, I now truly grok all the complaints from here about the 
> Pentax flashes auto wireless behaviour. I don't have too much trouble 
> with a single flash with some ambient light, but two flashes at once and 
> near darkness -- total chaos! Luckily, I figured that out while doing 
> prep work for this shoot, so I started in full manual mode and stayed 
> there. But that strongly suggests either switching in future to A/C 
> studio strobes, or just getting some el-cheapo (eg Vivitar) flashes in 
> future. If I can't make use of the P-TTL logic, why waste the dough?
> My model is Tina Hung, an aspiring actor/singer/dancer. Tina is 
> practicing her "serious look" here. :-)
> Makeup & styling: Tina and Louise Peacock
> Camera: Pentax K20D, DA* 50-135mm F2.8
> Lighting: Pentax AF-540FGZ x 2,
>         Westcott 45" shoot-through umbrella,
>         home-made snoot,
>         silver Dollar-store auto-reflector.
> Studio: my living room. :-)
> Comments gratefully received.
> -bmw

Pretty good, Bruce. Something to keep in mind is matching the scene to 
the mood. In general you want to use a darker background for more 
serious expressions, higher key for peppy, etc. Not a hard and fast 
rule, to be sure, but give it a try and see if the shots seems more "right."

Not complaining about the work at all. Just something that I recalled 
from my studio days when I was viewing it.

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