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The erudition on this list always makes me smile.

Kenneth Waller

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> Bob W wrote:
>>>>>> Yep, it's a themed wine and food degustation  menu, looks
>>> more than
>>>>>> interesting.
>>>>>> --   Rob Studdert (Digital   Image Studio)
>>>>>> =============
>>>>>> You forced me to look that word up. :-P
>>>>> Leave it to Rob to use a word that is marked "Rare" in the
>>>>> dictionary..    \smile on/\smile off/
>>>>> I had to look it up too.   Good one Rob!
>>>> I suspect it's only rare in the USA. It's very common in
>>> Europe. And
>>>> especially common in France for some reason. Probably
>>> something to do
>>>> with it being their language and their food and wine.
>>> "Degustation" is  common  terminology in New York rstautants. I believe 
>>> there's even an establishment  that goes by that name. I believe it has 
>>> its roots in Latin.
>>> Paul
>> Indeed, although the word itself is French, which we have borrowed. But 
>> we
>> see the same root word in 'disgust', 'gustatory'. We also have the Latin
>> phrase 'de gustibus non est disputandum', meaning 'there's no accounting 
>> for
>> taste'. There's also 'gusto' from Spanish - 'we ate the spaniel with
>> gusto!'.
>> The word apparently has its roots in proto-Indo-European and has come 
>> down
>> the Germanic branches in words like 'choose'.
>> Bob
> The erudition on this list always makes me smile.
> Thanks to everyone who commented. And, indeed, we were so very fully 
> degusted, we couldn't have eaten one more spaniel.

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