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Christine Aguila caguila at earthlink.net
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Last night I watched Phil Bloom's Autumn and Desert videos, and they were 
terrific.  I highly recommend folks take a look-see if they haven't already. 
And Paul, I'd love to see any video you've shot.  It was fun to see Chris 
Mitchell's video--frankly, it's going to be great fun to see how folks on 
the list begin to use the video capability of the K7.  Maybe some day I'll 
be able to join in on the fun  :-).

Thanks for posting the link, Cotty.  Cheers, Christine

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On 21/10/09, paul stenquist, discombobulated, unleashed:

>I used the K7D today to shoot some movies of Grace. It works well,
>even in low light, but it's hard to focus. Here's the solution:

Paul, check out UK cameraman (videographer to you mate) Phil Bloom. He's
really into using DSLRs for video and has close links with Zacuto. They
do a Vimeo review series as well, great fun. Check out Phil's DSLR
shoots, v interesting.


Video DSLRs:


(scroll down for review of Zacuto stuff)

This weird:






And finally, as soon as I can, I'll be selling my DVCam camera and
moving over to a totally digital workflow for TV and corporate:


£12,500 plus the lens !! I'm reckoning on recouping about  5 grand for
my cam and 2.5 for my lens..... I hope Mr Sony offers interest-free on
this lot....



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