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Joseph McAllister pentaxian at
Sun Oct 25 01:10:24 EDT 2009

On Oct 24, 2009, at 16:41 , paul stenquist wrote:
> On Oct 24, 2009, at 7:23 PM, Bob W wrote:
>>>> Yep, it's a themed wine and food degustation  menu, looks more than
>>>> interesting.
>>>> --  Rob Studdert (Digital   Image Studio)
>>>> You forced me to look that word up. :-P
>>> Leave it to Rob to use a word that is marked "Rare" in the
>>> dictionary..    \smile on/\smile off/
>>> I had to look it up too.   Good one Rob!
>> I suspect it's only rare in the USA. It's very common in Europe. And
>> especially common in France for some reason. Probably something to  
>> do with
>> it being their language and their food and wine.
>> "Degustation" is  common  terminology in New York rstautants. I  
>> believe there's even an establishment  that goes by that name. I  
>> believe it has its roots in Latin.
> Paul

Never been to any New York "rstautants". But been to Tavern-on-the- 
Green, lots of Eye-talian in NYC, and Bahston, my home town.

I did ask about it at my local Wendy's tonight, and they'd never heard  
of it!    <|:-) °°°  !!

I guess I don't get invited to the right restaurants. I've been eating  
now for 67 years, even the occasional meal that looked like it was in  
no way going to fill me up, decorated with several sauces. From Maine  
to Mexico, Florida to Vancouver B.C.. Central Europe, Central America,  
"Saigon", Hong Kong, Japan, Hawaii, and even Toronto. Never heard it,  
or if it was spoken near me, I wasn't listening. I guess it has been  
my loss, as I love the word, and practice it on a regular basis. And  
hope to continue to do so for a long time to come.

Joseph McAllister

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