GESO portrait set, should I delete any?

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Sat Oct 24 12:08:27 EDT 2009

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My goal is to show a  reasonable variety of people and moods. Are there
any that seriously detract  from the  set?
or  if you  prefer

9353  -- Too blurry, focus is off.

5211 - Squirrel, does not  belong.

2622 - While nice, is not a portrait and also breaks the  mood/theme.

9685-2 - Too Dark, needed flash fill, or some  PSing.

9391 - Not sure you should include someone with facial  deformities, not if 
you want to get portrait jobs. But other than that, I also  feel it is too 
blurry and the focus is off. Not as blurry as the solitary kid  shot, but I 
do not think it is a "selling photo."

Hope that helps, Marnie  

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