PESO - Factory Sale

Miserere miserere at
Sat Oct 24 10:41:35 EDT 2009

Thanks for the comments, Guys, I knew I could count on you for some
honest opinions. The pic has been growing on me during this week, so
I've decided I'm keeping it  :-)

2009/10/22  <Eactivist at>:
> What  he said, the angle doesn't work for me. Straight on or close to it,
> probably  would have worked, made it more abstract.

I admit it: I'm a diagonal junkie! Next time I come across a similar
scene, I'll experiment with straight as well as diagonal framings.

> Marnie   I assume  it's a newspaper/flyer that by virtue of rain has been
> paper mached to the  concrete.

You are correct! Somebody mentioned the shadows looking strange; those
"shadows" are just water that's seeped from the paper onto the
concrete surrounding the newspaper page. It really helps create the
abstract nature of the scene.

Again, thanks guys!



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