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On 24/10/2009, Tom Cakalic <cakaltm at gmail.com> wrote:
> My 18-yr old son told me several weeks ago that he was interested in
> vinyl.  When he was much younger I'd bought him a used phonograph and
> we found some cool records.  He's got CD's and iPods...
> He just bought himself a tube fender amp and I have to admit his
> guitars sound much better through it than with the solid state 2004
> amp I'd got him.
> I've found a mint late '70's Technics turntable I'm about ready to
> make a deal on, and then outfit it with a 'state of the art' Ortofon
> cartridge.  He'll get my old early 80's Kenwood integrated amp, tuner,
> and equalizer (still solid state)... but this is going to be fun!

We are just about to pension off the vinyl collection at one of the
radio stations I service, it hasn't been used for years. Most
recordings are in pretty poor condition but I might put my hand up for
the transcription turntable :-)

The transition from vinyl to present day tech in radio basically
followed this path; vinyl, open reel tape, broadcast cart (like a
continuous 8 track cart but only three tracks, L, R & cue), Mini-disc,
CD and now virtually all program but the live voice is delivered via

Solid state guitar amps don't have the right distortion or enough of it!


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