PESO: Great Sand Dunes NP

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Fri Oct 23 23:58:07 EDT 2009

Not too far from Bosque is White Sands - a worthwhiles side trip !

Kenneth Waller

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> From: ann sanfedele
>> hmm isn't LARGE the full size?  It takes up the whole width of my 
>> monitor...
>> WHen were you there?
>> ann
>> John Sessoms wrote:
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > Flickr doesn't allow you to see the full size panorama. I don't know 
>>> > why.
>>> >
> Full size is 4320x603 pixels; 8"x5' at 72ppi. Other panos I've seen linked 
> to here you can get the full image and scroll around it to see the 
> details.
> I was there for three days in Oct 2007 before moving on to Durango, 
> Silverton & Mesa Verde. It was part of a trip that included Natural 
> Bridges National Monument, Monument Valley, North Rim of Grand Canyon and 
> a visit with an old friend who lives in Mesa AZ.
> I'm going through 2007 & 2008 photos preparing to remove them from this 
> computer to make space on the HDD for new photos. I've got them backed up 
> 3 other places, but while I was reviewing I realized I'd shot these to 
> stitch into a pano I'd never done. Got back from the trip, went back to 
> work and didn't have time to do much with the photos I'd taken.
> And mostly I was disappointed with the images because I didn't think I'd 
> done a very good job in camera.
> I was planning to go back and do it again (better) this month, but my 
> travel plans have been disrupted because I lost my job.
> Intended to be there the day before full moon rising over White Sands, 
> move on to Bosque del Apache the next day, and then kind of wander NW 
> through Arizona towards Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Grand Canyon & 
> back up towards Canyon de Chelly and the 4 corners hitting Great Sand 
> Dunes again before heading back east.
> Thought, ok, maybe I can hit it in November once I start getting the full 
> month's retired pay from the Army, but I just got notice for Jury Duty Nov 
> 3.
> Maybe December? If I get lucky I might get full moon + snow.

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