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Cotty cottycam at mac.com
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On 21/10/09, paul stenquist, discombobulated, unleashed:

>I used the K7D today to shoot some movies of Grace. It works well,  
>even in low light, but it's hard to focus. Here's the solution:

Paul, check out UK cameraman (videographer to you mate) Phil Bloom. He's
really into using DSLRs for video and has close links with Zacuto. They
do a Vimeo review series as well, great fun. Check out Phil's DSLR
shoots, v interesting.


Video DSLRs:


(scroll down for review of Zacuto stuff)

This weird:






And finally, as soon as I can, I'll be selling my DVCam camera and
moving over to a totally digital workflow for TV and corporate:


£12,500 plus the lens !! I'm reckoning on recouping about  5 grand for
my cam and 2.5 for my lens..... I hope Mr Sony offers interest-free on
this lot....



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