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Fri Oct 23 04:52:19 EDT 2009

On Oct 22, 2009, at 14:07 , Derby Chang wrote:

> Have been following Errol's very amusingly obsessive analysis of the  
> veracity of certain Walker Evans and Arthur Rothstein photos. He's  
> up to part 4, but here's the first part
> My favourite line: " or Evans could have manipulated the clock  
> times. But why? Why would he do such a thing? Just to screw up  
> people like me?

I've read the first 4 parts now, and I think I'll go no further. It's  
like two old dodgers examining the wood on a picture frame and arguing  
over what forest the tree was cut from.

Get over it. All photographs, and all writings, are manipulations of  
reality.   <---- period

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