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Fri Oct 23 00:03:17 EDT 2009

steve harley wrote:
> On 2009-10-22 15:34 , Joseph McAllister wrote:
>> Before you get a bristly and try to chastise me,
> well, i wasn't going to get bristlly ... i think your explanation 
> makes sense for some of the attitude toward bikes
>> In a factory, OSHA would not allow such circumstances to exist as being
>> to dangerous to the workers
> if OSHA got involved with automobiles and traffic, i think there'd be 
> some more radical changes; no underage drivers, a strict training and 
> certification program, obsolete and deficient cars removed from the 
> roads ...
A car designed by OSHA would have little extra safety and lots more 
nonsense.  Most OSHA mandated safety reatures don't really protect 
workers more than similar features but are easily measured. 


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