OT PC Surgery

P. J. Alling webstertwentysix at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 18:10:39 EDT 2009

If you think the HD is flaky, you should try replacing the ribbon cable 
first.  It's come to my attention that about 1/2 of all hard drive 
problems, that aren't total drive meltdowns are actually cable 
problems.  Ribbon cables often go bad on their own.

David J Brooks wrote:
> Well, it looks like its time to do something about my 8 year old MDG
> P4 computer.
> Its been acting up again the last few weeks, not booting. It does
> after a number of reboots. I get a boot fail, system halted, or a full
> DOS screen with all my memory numbers and a few other things, and at
> the bottom i get press f12 to boot form network or f1 to enter set up.
> I enter set up, scroll over to exit and it boots.
> Its an old machine, slow and USB 1.1 to boot, but its calibrated well
> for my Epson 2400 prints, so i'm leaning on fixing it one more time.
> Going in Saturday for a look see. Hopefully adding a new HD and
> mapping my stuff off the old one will work. The HD was upgraded 3
> years ago and never really worked well after. Many boot problems, but
> it would work, eventually.
> If the HD is a bit funky, does it make sense to add it as a slave
> drive and keep it in there, if there is room.??????
> Now, the hard part. PC or imac to replace it with, after the next fail.
> Or now.:-)
> I do like the imac looks and i'm comfortable with the OS now, for what
> i use it for. I just have trouble printing form the ibook, photos are
> not quite what the monitor looks like. I have not run any calibration
> on the screen, nor coloursync etc. Not really sure what to do here.
> That would be my only reason for the PC.
> Dave


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