OT PC Surgery

Luiz Felipe luiz.felipe at techmit.com.br
Thu Oct 22 17:00:47 EDT 2009

David, assuming your current HD is the problem, an upgrade should solve 
it. But not all the problems you describe can be linked to the HD 
without further testing, so you may end up solving some, but not all.

Taking the age in the picture, I would at least test the pc completely, 
and probably even if the test comes ok I'd upgrade the whole computer. 
Just my view, of course.

Do hope everything turns ok.


David J Brooks escreveu:
> Well, it looks like its time to do something about my 8 year old MDG
> P4 computer.
> Its been acting up again the last few weeks, not booting. It does
> after a number of reboots. I get a boot fail, system halted, or a full
> DOS screen with all my memory numbers and a few other things, and at
> the bottom i get press f12 to boot form network or f1 to enter set up.
> I enter set up, scroll over to exit and it boots.
> Its an old machine, slow and USB 1.1 to boot, but its calibrated well
> for my Epson 2400 prints, so i'm leaning on fixing it one more time.
> Going in Saturday for a look see. Hopefully adding a new HD and
> mapping my stuff off the old one will work. The HD was upgraded 3
> years ago and never really worked well after. Many boot problems, but
> it would work, eventually.
> If the HD is a bit funky, does it make sense to add it as a slave
> drive and keep it in there, if there is room.??????
> Now, the hard part. PC or imac to replace it with, after the next fail.
> Or now.:-)
> I do like the imac looks and i'm comfortable with the OS now, for what
> i use it for. I just have trouble printing form the ibook, photos are
> not quite what the monitor looks like. I have not run any calibration
> on the screen, nor coloursync etc. Not really sure what to do here.
> That would be my only reason for the PC.
> Dave

Luiz Felipe
luiz.felipe at techmit.com.br

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