Interesting option for wireless remote control

Chris Mitchell chris.mitchell at
Thu Oct 22 14:26:01 EDT 2009

Has anyone tried one of these? A wired and 100m range wireless (as distinct
from infrared) remote for Pentax DSLRs.

Available from an Ebay supplier near you for less than the cost of a Pentax
wired remote.

The specification and feature translations are delightfully whimsical and
are worth a look on their own. 

Apparently it's good for subjects that are difficult to approach - so the
paparazzi will no longer have problems with Kate Moss or Amy Winehouse then.

Seriously though, it looks like a good thing to me. Anyone got any
experience of it? Opinions? Although it doesn't state it as compatible, any
reason why it shouldn't work with the K-7?

Cheers, Chris

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