Lightroom 3 first beta available (+ list of changes)

Ralf R. Radermacher fotoralf at
Thu Oct 22 11:20:21 EDT 2009

Godfrey DiGiorgi <gdigiorgi at> wrote:

> It's time to move on now.

Over the last few months, I've moved on to the K-7, to a new car, and
just yesterday I've moved on to a new monitor - yet another 500 euros.
I'll have to move on to a new set of winter tyres, next month. 

There's only so much moving on one can do with any given income. 

I'm afraid this will rather be the death knell for my K-7. Adobe are now
working on LR3 and I'm not expecting any further improvement on my
K-7/LR colour  problem with LR2. The profiles you suggested aren't a
solution as the this colour prob isn't consistent. Guess I'll return to
the trusted K10D and, given the (for me) very uncomfortable handling of
the K-7, I'll do so with minimal regrets.

Today's famous firmware upgrade showing that Pentax are caring more
about kindergarden artists than about the real probs of the K-7 has made
this decision a lot easier. Water colour filters.... now really... 


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