K-7 firmware 1.02 out

Dario Bonazza dario.bonazza at virgilio.it
Thu Oct 22 07:52:31 EDT 2009

Ralf R. Radermacher wrote:

> Water colour?? Where do they see their target group? In kindergarden?

> What about the hyper-program bug? What about the darkframe subtraction
> that still can't be switched off completely? What about the idiotic
> solution for illuminating the upper display?

> Water colour... It beggars belief...   :-/

I'm afraid they're trying to please everybody, at the risk of disappointing 
everybody. It's that point'n'shoot mentality spreading all over Pentax 
products. They still have to learn to differentiate their products according 
to meaningful targets.

Ralf, what's the hyper-program bug in the K-7? I miss it.


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