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Fine Sharpness 2? Probably a nice thing, but I still can't understand why they implemented it. And who is this feature meant for? People who care so much about detail sharpness are probably already using raw format. Why not improve raw shooting instead with better histograms based on raw data? Or a better zoom function which zoom into crisp high quality raw data and not into a highly compressed embedded jpg with lot of artifacts?

Simply put: Improve functionality for people shooting raw files instead of all these jpg filters and parameters.

Stig Vidar

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Changes to V1.02

Added [Fine Sharpness 2] which makes image outlines even sharper than
[Fine Sharpness] to the Sharpness setting of Custom Image. How to
select [Fine Sharpness 2], Click Here
Improved total image processing performance at the particular shooting
condition or setting such as preview image quality at the "Water Color
& Pastel" of Digital Filter mode.
Improved stability for general perforumance such as with Battery Grip
D-BG4, the rear e-dial may rarely become unstable in particular
shooting condition.

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