K-7 firmware 1.02 out

Thibouille pentaxlist at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 05:20:35 EDT 2009


Changes to V1.02

Added [Fine Sharpness 2] which makes image outlines even sharper than
[Fine Sharpness] to the Sharpness setting of Custom Image. How to
select [Fine Sharpness 2], Click Here
Improved total image processing performance at the particular shooting
condition or setting such as preview image quality at the "Water Color
& Pastel" of Digital Filter mode.
Improved stability for general perforumance such as with Battery Grip
D-BG4, the rear e-dial may rarely become unstable in particular
shooting condition.

Thibault Massart aka Thibouille
Photo: K10D,Z1,SuperA,KX,MX, P30t and KR-10x ;) ...
Thinkpad: X23+UB,X60+UB
Programing: D7 user (trying out D2007)

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