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Wed Oct 21 17:55:21 EDT 2009

Some good thoughts there.

This one fits me.::

- It’s easier to focus on buying that next piece of equipment than it
is to accept that you should be able to create great work with what
you’ve got. Buying stuff is a convenient and expensive distraction.
You need a decent camera, a decent lens, and a light meter. Until you
can use those tools consistently and masterfully, don’t spend another
dime. Spend money on equipment ONLY when you’ve outgrown your current
equipment and you’re being limited by it. There are no magic bullets.

So many times i lambasted the D200, only because it took me three
years to figure it out.:-) and also three years to listen to the
advise of those using it.:-)


On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 2:31 PM, Doug Brewer <doug at> wrote:
> Something all of us needs to read:
> I may print this out and carry it around with me.
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