PopPhoto Review of the K7

Larry Levy larrylevy at sprintmail.com
Wed Oct 21 15:04:14 EDT 2009

Here's  the URL for the PopPhoto review of the K7:


Please note the date the site claims Philip Ryan posted the review - 
November 15, 2008. I guess someones been playing with the way-back machine 

The conclusion:
"Ultimately, the Pentax K-7 lands in an odd place in the DSLR world. Its got 
some high-end features, particularly its tough build and terrific 
viewfinder. But, its sluggish AF in low light and otherwise middling test 
results don't scream "Buy me!" If you've got Pentax lenses already, the K-7 
is a highly competent camera that will let you build on what you have. But, 
if you're an experienced photographer who's starting a DSLR outfit from 
scratch, you can get more bang for your buck elsewhere."

Gosh, I miss Bert K.

Larry in Dallas

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