A K7 video

Bob W pdml at web-options.com
Wed Oct 21 14:13:06 EDT 2009

> A bit of a proud dad moment this. Our daughter Anna has just 
> finished her masters in musical theatre and is now an 
> official Equity card carrying, out of work actor!
> This is an audition piece and needed to be a straight on head 
> and shoulders shoot. No cuts, cross-fades or acid spangle 
> filters I'm afraid.
> K7, external cheap condenser microphone, pre-recorded backing 
> track (I'm ashamed to admit!), CFL room lighting and that's it.
> The sound quality on the original is remarkably good. The 
> dynamics are handled pretty well, particularly where she 
> belts it. Youtube mangles sound a bit, it seems, with 
> whatever compression they apply:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPssSfBSKyI

Wonderful! Congratulations to Anna - I'm sure she won't be waiting on tables
for very long, with a voice like that.


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