It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Larry Colen lrc at
Wed Oct 21 04:11:55 EDT 2009

Years ago, we'd use the acronym ISLAGIATT to explain various
mistakes. It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.

I've taken various people's advice about how to collect and reconcile
my lightroom catalogs. I pretty much got all the pictures for 2009,
i.e. all my lightroom stuff, sorted out. I've got a couple of details
to straighten out, but it's pretty much there.

So, now I've started importing my pre-lightroom photos. There are two
eras of these. The bibble era, where I'd name the directory something
logical. The TLD for each session would have the raw and the bibble
control files in 081106_foo_raw and the jpegs in 081106_foo.

That isn't so bad. The rough bit will be the files from the dcraw days
where the TLD will have the jpegs and the raw files will be in a
subdirectory titled "raw".

I suspect that the process of going through and separating out all of
the directories is going to be long and painful. Especially
considering my theory that my photography would improve at a rate
proportionate to how much time I spent taking pictures, where I
averaged just shy of 100 frames a day.

The first step is learning to take great photos, 
the second step is learning to throw away ones that are merely good.
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