Pentax K-7 Subjective Report

paul stenquist pnstenquist at
Tue Oct 20 22:16:24 EDT 2009

I pretty much agree with all you've said. My one difference of opinion  
would be in regard to the button on the mode dial. I sometimes changed  
modes inadvertently with my K20D. The button fixes that.
On Oct 20, 2009, at 10:02 PM, Tom Cakalic wrote:

> I'm happy to say that after two weeks of having a K-7 I am very
> pleased with it. I am overall confident that it will expose the scene
> correctly when in matrix-mode metering, except in those very difficult
> lighting situations where I expect to dial in adjustment. It also
> seems to be somewhat faster at AF.  This is using a Pentax DA 18-250,
> Pentax DA 14, Pentax FA 31 LTD, and Pentax FA 100 macro.
> Things I particularly like (as opposed to other Pentax DSLR's) after
> two weeks and two glasses of wine:
> 1. Exposure accuracy.
> 2. 100% viewfinder, wow what a great thing! Doesn't it just make sense
> that WYSIWYG? Now things I want in frame are out instead of
> vice-versa. :-)
> 3. Level meter, wow... you all know I'm a bubble off-center.
> 4. Dedicated ISO button.
> 5. Overall throughput when rapid firing which I do little of... but  
> sometimes.
> 6. I personally like the status display on the rear LCD.  It sort of
> subliminally communicates with me.
> 7. The grip and ability to use AA's if needed.
> Things I don't like:
> 1. I find the EV adjustment button and the dial to adjust to be a
> little too close together.  I'm getting used to it, but it's slightly
> awkward.
> 2. I'd prefer not to have to push a button in order to rotate the mode
> dial (Hyper to other shooting modes).
> Both the negs are minor things I'll grow accustomed.
> Overall, "Well done Pentax".
> Tom
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