Help with Paris locations where am I ???

Bob W pdml at
Tue Oct 20 18:12:37 EDT 2009

> Working on my 2010 engagement calendar... using my photos 
> from my 1981 trip and there are a couple of locations I'm 
> unsure of... can you guys help?
> I know we were walking on the left bank not far from Notre 
> Dame... and I once knew what these buildings are but not anymore...
> Of course I can just caption it "along a street on the left 
> bank" but I'd rather be more specific.
> Now this one ... a story with it... I know I had just come 
> from the "Objets Perdu" place at
> 36 Rue des Morillions... which I figured out from my journal 
> notes as I hadn't made any photo notes on this photo.  
> When I was in Paris it seemed everything was in a state of 
> repair... and the objects in this photo looked like they were 
> about to adorn something..

No idea where this is, but I had a pleasant time being a Googlemaps-flaneur
trying to find it.

> Yesterday I did some map questing and some street views in 
> the area and found this...
> So I guess I was at the Place Jacques Morette, non?  
> Don't know what the signifigance of the bull is...

The bulls on either side of the entrance to the Parc Georges Brassens are
apparently by one Auguste Cain, who specialised in animal sculptures. They
used to adorn the entrance to an abattoir but were moved, presumably when
you were there to see it!


According to this site:
the park is on the site of the former Vaugirard abattoirs, which seem to
have been on a similar scale to La Villette.


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