video on K-7 and K-x - help needed.

Luiz Felipe luiz.felipe at
Tue Oct 20 14:17:09 EDT 2009

Thibouille, I guess I could live with a 30 minutes span under 720p... 
but I have to be sure before I say yes... and that also means securing 
one camera or camcorder to do the gig.

Since I own some Pentax gear, the K-m (cheaper) or the K-7 (better) 
would be my choices. But I need to be sure, then I need to buy the gear 
as soon as the job is mine. No advance payment on this one, so the 
cheaper gear will be better, assuming it makes what I need. Some 15-25 
minutes of continuous 720p recording, then some 2 minutes pause, then 
over again - for some 3 hours, then the same in the afternoon. The 2 
minutes pause would allow to change the cards, that would be emptied 
into a dark box for processing - not my problem from that point on.

Do you believe the K-7 would be up to it? I'd settle for a K-m, if it fits.



Thibouille escreveu:
> Or wil stop after 30 minutes. Not because of technical constraints but
> because EU would consider it as being a camcorder ans tax thé hell out
> of it. Eos5d dors thé same for thé same reason :(
> On Monday, October 19, 2009, Luiz Felipe <luiz.felipe at> wrote:
>> Folks, in the K-7 and K-x, is the video capture continue up to the card space, or does the camera stops at inconvenient moments?? I understand the clip limit under FAT32 is 4gb, bit can the cameras just move to the next file without breaking the capture? I could be challenged soon to capture 720p video, unknown clip duration but probably more than the space available... so the hability to keep recording a little more is welcome.
>> TIA.
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