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Bruce Walker bruce.walker at
Tue Oct 20 13:19:45 EDT 2009

tbeilby at wrote:
> Friday, my daughter's fire spinning troop gave a performance at the 
> Greek Theater, University of Arkansas, for the Omni Center for Peace. 
> She started this troop a couple of years ago and they just keep getting 
> larger and better.  They call themselves "Kindlin Spirits".  A search on 
> Utube will pull up some video of some of their performances.
> comments welcomed
> My blog url: 
> Ted Beilby
> "The eye of the viewer becomes the eye of the Photographer." Albert Maysles

Congratulations to your daughter for such a fine project. I love their 
name! :-)

And congrats to you, Ted, for getting these long exposures. They very 
nicely capture the action.


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