Help with Paris locations where am I ???

ann sanfedele annsan at
Tue Oct 20 13:29:45 EDT 2009

Working on my 2010 engagement calendar... using my photos from my 1981 
trip and there are a couple of
locations I'm unsure of... can you guys help?

I know we were walking on the left bank not far from Notre Dame... and I 
once knew what these
buildings are but not anymore...
Of course I can just caption it "along a street on the left bank" but 
I'd rather be more specific.

Now this one ... a story with it... I know I had just come from the 
"Objets Perdu" place at
36 Rue des Morillions... which I figured out from my journal notes as I 
hadn't made any
photo notes on this photo.  

When I was in Paris it seemed everything was in a state of repair... and 
the objects in
this photo looked like they were about to adorn something..

Yesterday I did some map questing and some street views in the area and 
found this...

So I guess I was at the Place Jacques Morette, non?  

Don't know what the signifigance of the bull is...


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