PESO - ...With Two Cats in the Yard?

steve harley pdml at
Tue Oct 20 11:55:51 EDT 2009

On 2009-10-20 09:34 , ann sanfedele wrote:
> So I searched for some reference to tagging here and on Frank's blog...
> cant find it. Scratching head...
> Explain please... the only thing I could think of is people are now
> calling graffiti "tags"

i live in Denver in a neighborhood rife with tagging; when Frank wrote 
graffiti "artists", i think he was speaking too loosely; tagging is 
simply leaving a mark, like a tomcat leaving its scent; sometimes it is 
to mark territory for gangs, often it is kids seeking status with their 
peers; tagging can sometimes reach the level of art, but it clearly 
hasn't in the case of Frank's photo

here in Denver, we aim to wash it off or paint it over as soon as 
possible (the city will do it for free), since only by having tags seen 
does the tagger gain status and encouragement to do more

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