PESO - ...With Two Cats in the Yard?

ann sanfedele annsan at
Mon Oct 19 22:49:48 EDT 2009

I love it , Frank...

I do hope to get back to Toronto some day to see all my friends there..


frank theriault wrote:

>This isn't really a PESO.  There was a bit of a discussion of housing
>in Detroit and California in response to Paul's photos, and I've
>mentioned recently that I moved to a new residence in April, so I
>thought this might be a good time to post this photo of the main (and
>only) entrance to my apartment:
>It's actually okay once you get in - it's an apartment above a
>storefront (the garage belongs to the store, not us) in an older
>neighbourhood of Toronto (near Trinity-Bellwoods Park for those who
>know our city).  As our entrance is off the alleyway rather than the
>street, graffiti artists have tagged the hell out of our  doorway, but
>that just adds to that "inner city atmosphere", no?

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