Photos from my second professional gig

Luiz Felipe luiz.felipe at
Mon Oct 19 18:45:00 EDT 2009

Roger that... my "Disney Travellers" venture allows me to cut whatever I 
feel like, as long as they're smiling... and I get less worries about 
clenched fists. Happy they are, but not everyone feels like being 
photographed with the company logo behind.

Sorry about the "income compensation" issue. Some time ago I discovered 
that the moment my income passed some limit I would end up with less 
than before. :-/ Today it's so low I need not bother... :-(


Larry Colen escreveu:
> On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 06:47:29PM -0300, Luiz Felipe wrote:
>> Larry, the only suggestion I can think of is trying a longer focal and 
>> lower angle to avoid the end of the banner near the floor. Good grabs on 
>> the tables...
> Yeah, but I didn't want to cut off their feet.
>> lf
>> ...happy costumer, happy paycheck...
> I reported the $500 that I'll eventually get paid for my first gig. My
> unemployment check showed up today, $375 lighter than it would have
> been. So, basically, if I find a short term job, for every dollar that
> I earn, I get to keep about $.25, which is just about enough to pay
> the taxes on it.

Luiz Felipe
luiz.felipe at

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