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Mon Oct 19 15:58:01 EDT 2009

2009/10/19 P N Stenquist <pnstenquist at>:
> Bill Sawyer, Mark Cassino and I spent a few hours viewing the Avedon show at
> the Detroit Institute of the Arts. We also reviewed the museum's excellent
> photography collection, a retrospective that spans 100 years and includes a
> number of iconic images. The Avedon work invites scrutiny, in that the
> lighting is sometimes very complex and the degree of contrast varies
> greatly. A very interesting and informative show.
> After touring the two exhibits, we dropped in at a nearby brewpub, "Traffic
> Jam and Snug," for a bite. I shot bill and Mark at the table with the K7 and
> DA* 16-50. Bill is f 3.5, 1/13th, Mark is f2.8, 1/13th. Both at ISO 3200:
> I drove Woodward up through the city on the way home. While a couple of
> blocks surrounding the museum are nice, most of the way the neighborhoods to
> either side of Woodward are battle scarred, dangerous  and decrepit.
> However, about a  mile north of the museum, the New Center neighborhood
> (which was new many, many years ago) boasts a few very nice streets and some
> lovely homes. Some of the houses are in disrepair and a few are boarded up,
> but compared to the rest of the area, it's an oasis. I snapped a couple of
> pics:
> But Detroit is a study in contrast. Just across Woodward I saw this:
> Detroit was on the verge of making a comeback ten years ago or so. The
> current downturn isn't helping. I expect it will come roaring back some day,
> but it will probably be long after I'm gone from both this area and this
> life.
> Paul

Thanks for those pics, Paul. Always nice to have a mugshot of the
usual PDML suspects. Of course, you didn't post one of yourself  :-)

Shameful, yet related, plug regarding Detroit:

Very sad to see such a city go down like this, without a natural
disaster such as a hurricane to blame.




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