PESO: A rose is a rose...

Joseph McAllister pentaxian at
Mon Oct 19 14:11:08 EDT 2009

On Oct 19, 2009, at 04:36 , Cotty wrote:

>>> As always...  :-)
> How about a night shot, long exposure, same framing, quick blast of
> handheld flash to illuminate the rose ;-)

Man, you let poor Ralf get up early while the sun still shines and all  
you PDML'rs lambast his techniques to hell and back!   :-)

Ralf!  Don't go out in the light! You might self immolate, melt, or  
something as bad!

Personally. I like the shot. But I think, coming from you, the  
expectations are so high you had best stick with your reputation as  
the ultimate nighttime industrial photographer we've ever had the  
privilege to know.

Now get some rest for tonight.

Joseph McAllister
pentaxian at

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Genius can, however, be observed as insanity.

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