video on K-7 and K-x - help needed.

Igor Roshchin str at
Mon Oct 19 12:20:53 EDT 2009


Although I haven't tried it myself, as far as I know, - it will not 
continue recording to a new file without a stop.


Mon Oct 19 08:14:38 CDT 2009
Luiz Felipe 

> Folks, in the K-7 and K-x, is the video capture continue up to the card 
> space, or does the camera stops at inconvenient moments?? I understand 
> the clip limit under FAT32 is 4gb, bit can the cameras just move to the 
> next file without breaking the capture? I could be challenged soon to 
> capture 720p video, unknown clip duration but probably more than the 
> space available... so the hability to keep recording a little more is 
> welcome.

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