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Bob W pdml at web-options.com
Sun Oct 18 18:20:59 EDT 2009

> I have, and of course it must be really hard, I didn't mean 
> that it is an easy thing to do...
> ...but I think that there are too many things between the 
> driver's ability and the final result that I can't really see 
> it as a true sport.
> And then there is the flags and anthems thing...when they do 
> not represent any country but the team that pays them...Or 
> would have Button hesistated a single second if he had to 
> help his team mate Barichelloagains the also British 
> Hamilton? I don't think so...

Button got a bit of help from Hamilton today. 

There's an article here about Button which touches on this question of the
balance between the driver and the technology:

But pretty much every sport relies on technology at the highest levels. All
the top level sports people have large amounts of money and science backing
them. I don't think you can pick on F1 alone for this. We have another world
champion today, Beth Tweddle in gymnastics. But as talented as she doubtless
is, if London wasn't holding the Olympics in 2012 I don't think she would be
the champion today. Similar considerations apply to our cyclists. But for
all that, the individuals themselves have to put superman amounts of effort
and dedication for long years into their sport. I don't think it behoves the
armchair sportspeople among us to knock them for taking advantage of
favourable conditions.


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