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Sun Oct 18 18:13:59 EDT 2009

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> De: Cotty <cottycam at mac.com>
> On 18/10/09, Jaume Lahuerta, discombobulated, unleashed:
> >Jaume, the wet blanket...
> LOL. Hardly.
> I think they really do fight. We see a nice packaged up wrapping to it
> all, but at the end of the day it's a sweaty hell of drivign as fast as
> you can. Have you ever gone karting? After 15 minutes of that I am
> absolutely shattered, and have aches for days....

I have, and of course it must be really hard, I didn't mean that it is an easy thing to do...
...but I think that there are too many things between the driver's ability and the final result that I can't really see it as a true sport.
And then there is the flags and anthems thing...when they do not represent any country but the team that pays them...Or would have Button hesistated a single second if he had to help his team mate Barichelloagains the also British Hamilton? I don't think so...

Regarding motor soports I prefer morobikes...there are also big differences in the machines, but I see more fight and good drivers have more chances to show it (like Rossi, who moved from Honda to Yamaha and kept winning).


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