PESO: A rose is a rose...

ann sanfedele annsan at
Sun Oct 18 17:50:06 EDT 2009

Ralf - this just doesnt work for me... The roses aren't at all 
attractive -they look fake - which may just
be the ultra sharpness and harsh light.  The buildings need to be sharp 
or much more out of focus.

I'm definitely a fan of yours, you know - you have so many spectacular 
and beautifully crafted images
I was stunned to see this one... I'm thinking you must have been 
deliberately playing a joke on us
(given the title, too.)  

Hope you don't mind my plain speaking here... if you were not so good a 
shooter I wouldn't say a word.


Ralf R. Radermacher wrote:

> matter what the background looks like.
>As always...  :-)

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