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Sat Oct 17 21:45:19 EDT 2009

On 15/10/2009, Derby Chang <derbyc at> wrote:

> Very very cool. I would have been just on the left of the pano earlier this
> afternoon. Had I known, I would have waved

I waved! You didn't see me? ;-)

On 15/10/2009, Boris Liberman <boris71 at> wrote:
> We sure did enjoy! Quite an image, makes me feel like I am standing
> next to you avoiding being photographed while you pan...

Hmm, interesting, there were two people standing next to me at the
time! Glad you enjoyed Boris (et al.).

On 16/10/2009, Christian <christian at> wrote:

> Nice.  <sigh> 2 more months and I'll be there.  Can't wait.  We should start
> planning the Oz/Sydney PDML meet. :-)

Great idea, was thinking a drive down the coast day trip or more might
be possible? Some great National parks, falls etc? What takes your
fancy. We will be able to fit in the traditional Sydney round trip for
Savage too :-)

On 16/10/2009, Charles Robinson <charlesr at> wrote:

> Absolutely lovely!  I feel like I am there (although I've never been).

Hi Charles, Glad it had that effect, you're welcome to come see for
yourself, it's not a bad town ;-)

On 16/10/2009, Bob Sullivan <rf.sullivan at> wrote:
> Rob,
> That's a lovely pano.  I think you are the master here.
> It makes me want to return to Sydney for a visit.

Hi Bob, it would be lovely to catch up again sometime, I do think I
have some tough competition here regarding master status though.

On 16/10/2009, Cotty <cottycam at> wrote:

> Amazing detail. Really lovely pano, really excellent.

Thanks Cotty, still have to get you guys out here too!

On 16/10/2009, Doug Brewer <doug at> wrote:

> that's quite nice. pretty town.

Thanks Doug, yep, she's pretty photogenic for a city ;-)

 On 16/10/2009, Eactivist at <Eactivist at> wrote:

> Wow.  Clear and lots of great detail. Nice shot!

Thanks Marnie, wasn't sure how it was going to turn out given the
cloud cover and subsequent shadows, had to compromise with exposure of

On 16/10/2009, Christine  Aguila <caguila at> wrote:
> I have just seen Sidney!    ;-)  Your pano is lovely and the detail is
> terrific.  Giggled as I scrolled to the right and ended with the terrace
> shot of the table & two chairs. I want to go to Sidney!  cheers, Christine

Hi Christine, thanks, shooting panos from high up really requires an
interesting and detailed scene to work, the terrace was a bonus,
brings the shot into perspective I think. Pity the exchange rate is
heading where it is for you guys, makes Oz a bit less appealing cost
wise, we would still love to see you though!

On 16/10/2009, David Savage <ozsavage at> wrote:
> Yeah, it's alright I suppose.

You'll keep ;-)

On 17/10/2009, frank theriault <knarftheriault at> wrote:

> I was expecting a small, fiberglass-bodied British sportscar from the
> 60's, but this will do.
> Lovely!

Thanks Frank, yeah, curious name.

On 17/10/2009, David J Brooks <pentkon52 at> wrote:
> Very impressive,

Thanks Dave and everyone else who looked and commented or didn't, I
just with that I had more time to contribute, there is so much
fantastic work shared here daily.


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