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I can't be a purist because though I sometimes carry only one lens, 
mostly the 43mm limited, it's sometimes an FA 28-200mm.

I can't be a Prime Fetishist, because while I own primes from 17mm to 
600mm, (in both 1/2 1 2 4 and 1/3 1 3 6 times sequences, with a few in 
between), I also have a weakness for cult zooms.

I can't be an artist, because, well just because, that's all.

I can't be a kit zoomer because the only Kit Zoom I own was built for 
not just a different camera but a different format,

Larry Colen wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 10:22:08PM -0700, Tim Bray wrote:
>> Most readers of my blog aren't photogs.  When I meet them at
>> conferences & so on they look at me swapping primes and ask "what is
>> it with that?"  So I wrote a little piece to try to introduce this
>> whole multi-lens thang, and why civilians might want to step on to the
>> slippery slope.  It won't educate anyone reading PDML but might
>> entertain.
>> Quote: "I?m happiest when I?m out with just the 21mm and 40mm, because
>> the whole combo is ridiculously light and there?s still room in the
>> bag for a sandwich and hip-flask."  -Tim
> A couple of nights ago I came very close to posting a silly little
> email about how much I love my DA40. I had played around in my yard a
> bit, and when I was processing shots with the DA40 and K20 I was blown
> away at how sharp, detailed and wonderful they are.
> I want a 21. I got to play a bit with Pat's and really like it. I also
> need something wider than my 31 and sharper/faster than my 18-250. As
> much of a prime fetshist I am, I probably ought to get the 16-50
> first, cover the whole range, and if I need anything faster/smaller in
> a particular length, get it when I have the money.
> I followed your link to and was amused by:
> < >
> aka:
> I think that I'm about 10% Purist, 70% Prime Fetishist and 20%
> Lugger. Though I am willing to concede that there are some zooms as
> sharp and fast as the primes available in the lengths that they
> cover, such as the 16-50.
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