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John Francis johnf at
Sat Oct 17 17:53:06 EDT 2009

On Sat, Oct 17, 2009 at 01:58:59PM -0700, Larry Colen wrote:
> I followed your link to and was amused by:
> < >
> aka:
> I think that I'm about 10% Purist, 70% Prime Fetishist and 20%
> Lugger. Though I am willing to concede that there are some zooms as
> sharp and fast as the primes available in the lengths that they
> cover, such as the 16-50.

I'm "none of the above".   My everyday carry kit is the K10D with
the 16-50 mounted, and the 50-135 in the bag.  Depending on where
and what I'll be shooting I may supplement it with one or more of
the AF-540, the DA 10-17, and the old A50/1.4.  I've got a lot of
other glass to pick from, but that stays at home unless there's a
reason to throw it in the trunk.

I've always used zooms, mostly because for a lot of what I did
changing composition by moving shooting position just wasn't an
option.  But Pentax have some great zooms; my workhorse lens for
motorsports was the 80-200, and for long range there's the 250-600.

Occasionally I do carry just camera and one lens, but it's rarely
a prime.  Nowadays it's usually the 18-55 kit lens (on the *istD),
but in the recent past it's been the 28-105 on the AF bodies,
while thirty years ago it was the old M80-200 on the MX. So while
today that puts me close to the "Kit Zoomer", I do at least check
what shutter speed and/or aperture is selected, even if I do shoot
a lot of the time in (hyper-)program.  And I'm not surprised to
find that this often results in acceptably sharp and well-exposed
photographs - experience leads me to trust the equipment I use.

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