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On Sat, Oct 17, 2009 at 12:11 AM, Miserere <miserere at> wrote:
> 2009/10/16 Adam Maas <adam at>:
>> Just posted a writeup o my opinions on various Pentax SLR's I've owned
>> over the last few years on my blog over at
>> I suspect some might disagree with me, especially on my opinion of the
>> MX and MZ-5n (neither of which I was terribly impressed by), on the
>> flip isde, I really do like my K2.
> Thanks for the read, Adam. It's fine if people disagree; we all have
> different needs and likes. Personally, I quite liked the MX (I prefer
> smaller bodies) but I find it difficult to live without Av. The one MX
> I've owned had the smoothest, silkiest film advance lever I have
> *ever* used. I should've kept it just so I could play with that lever
> while watching TV  :-)
> I do agree on the LX. I wish they'd make a digital version. I'd be
> happy with APS-C and manual focus, even with mechanical shutter
> cocking like the Epson R-D1.
> I've never used any Nikon film cameras so I'll be interested in
> reading what you have to say about them.
> Cheers,
>  --M.

The MX's wind lever is pretty nice as Pentax's go. But you haven't
seen smooth until you've tried an F3 or EM (the later is a cheap,
plastic MV/MG equivalent, but has a wonderfully smooth wind-on). The
Leica M3 is also uber-smooth.

As to the Nikon's, I like them for their build, the superb viewfinders
and the combination of a reasonably small body and superb shutter that
is the FM/FE/FA series. I really wish that Pentax had made an
equivalent to the FM2n (Manual, mechanical, 1/4000 shutter, 1/250
sync, viewfinder just slightly smaller than the LX, available 3.5fps

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