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> I learned to like the MX more than ever having loved it, I still have two of
> them, after all by the time I went digital the peak of the analog film
> camera market was well past.  One has a roll of film in it I'll have to
> finish real soon now.  It was a huge step up in capability and viewfinder
> from the Spotmatic I had before it., though the Spotty was a better fit for
> my hands  TO the other hand it was as if the LX was made to my exact
> specification, I still have a pair of them too.  Yes, the ZX/MZ-3/5n bodies
> were a bit flimsy, but their ergonomics were very good, (and I traided a
> ZX-m for a ZX-5n in a three way swap).  I thought the 5n Viewfinder was much
> superior to the ZX--m though I have to agree the focusing screen would have
> been better if it were split image.  I almost never really used the 5n
> autofocus, most of my best glass was and still is M and K.  I really don't
> need all those lenses a lot of them never get used on digital.

I suspect I would have liked the MX more if I hadn't had continuous
electrical problems with it (the on/off switch on the shutter lock is
a known weak point of the design and my copy ended up being replaced
over it). If you liked the Spotty better, you'd probably love a KX or
K2, they're a Spotmatic-sized body in K mount, the KX is really just a
bigger MX with a smaller viewfinder.

I do love the LX. It's still my favourite of all the Pentax bodies.

As to the MZ-5n and MZ-M, I do like the ergonomics, but they're quite
flimsy compared to similar bodies. And the 5n's finder is just not
good enough to overcome the advantage of a split screen even with it
being bigger and brighter than the MZ-M.

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