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Hi Derby:  A lovely written account of the event and some great pics of 
these famous Australian Photogs.  I'd make some nice prints of the lot.  The 
group shot was especially nice, and I have to say, Tim Page is quite dishy 
:-).  Thanks for posting.  Cheers, Christine

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Just got back from a superb event. Five photographers from °SOUTH gave a
floor talk on their show, WAR.

Ben Bohane pointed out the shame Australians should feel about the
secret war and blockade waged in Bougainville in the 90s, a direct
contravention of the UN arms embargo.

Derby Chang wrote:
> Popped into the opening of a pretty compelling double exhibition tonight 
> at the Australian Centre for Photography
> The Nikon Walkley awards are an annual press award, and the photo section 
> is always seriously good viewing. I distinctly remember the series of 
> photos from the Lin family funeral. They were a family murdered here in my 
> suburb, in fact I used to buy a lot of my photography magazines from their 
> newsagency. The photographer was working for the local newspaper. Normally 
> I never open the paper, but the shots so moving, I had to go through the 
> whole article. The case remains unsolved.
> °SOUTH are a pretty legendary bunch of characters, including Tim Page, 
> David Dare Parker, and the amazing Sean Flynn. The show is hard going, but 
> very much worth the effort
> Highly recommended.
> D


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