Pentax K-7 special at Fry's

gldnbearz gldnbearz.pdml at
Sat Oct 17 02:44:09 EDT 2009

I don't have a WR lens in that focal length.  I have the 16-45 & the
50-135, so thought it might be amusing to check out the 18-55WR.

I didn't like how plasticky it felt nor potentially no better IQ than my 16-45.

- Pat

On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 11:27 PM, John Francis <johnf at> wrote:
> Oh, I got to handle one at the Pentax roadshow.  I'm sure that
> one is in my future - quite possibly around Christmas time. I'm
> not tempted by the 18-55WR; it's noticeably larger than the old
> 18-55 that goes on my *ist-D for my lightweight carry-kit, and
> in any case I've got the 16-50 to cover that focal range.

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