GESO: Hurunui Dambusters Protest

David Mann dmann at
Sat Oct 17 01:45:08 EDT 2009

On Oct 17, 2009, at 2:26 AM, Bob Sullivan wrote:

> Dave,
> Interesting coverage of the protest march.
> I liked the 3 fishermen and kaiakers photos best, and the dragon(?).
> And were those pre-printed protest signs?
> Looks mighty civilized to me, and not very angry about it.
> Regards,  Bob S.

I think feelings are pretty high but we don't exactly do riots here.   
Our environmentalists tend to prefer the peaceful approach, but plenty  
of noise was made and they got themselves on the TV and radio news.

Yes, most of the signs were pre-printed.  The organisers made their  
banner freely available as a PDF for anyone to download and print.

The "dragon" was a fish, presumably a salmon.  Quite an interesting  
feature and it looks like they spent a lot of time making it.  I took  
a few photos of it at different stages but decided that the gallery  
only needed one.  Have I mentioned that I hate editing?

My right arm is sore today after my fall but it's only a bit of  
bruising.  The lens hood is glued back together and I've brushed the  
dirt off the camera.

Now I'm starting to wonder if I should take the 6x7 rig up that river  
while I still can.  I've never actually been up that way myself, even  
though I've crossed it dozens of times while travelling up north.


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