Funny K-x

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There are only so many options when you restricted your models to combinations of K, D, and other stuff.  ;-)  Besides, this camera may be a big seller for Pentax.

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Oh nooo!

What I hate is the disrespect  for the original KX that I shot film 
with.  Now my old beauty is tattered and
scratched and pretty much only good for parts ...  I imagine I'd get a 
lot of hits if I put it on eekbay with
Pentax KX , body only, pre-owned  in the title.


AlunFoto wrote:

>2009/10/16 Dario Bonazza <dario.bonazza at>:
>>I apologize if it has already been posted here, but I find it too funny to
>I think that's the Benetton model.

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