Semi-OT: GMail neatness

David Mann dmann at
Fri Oct 16 04:40:35 EDT 2009

On Oct 15, 2009, at 9:04 PM, Boris Liberman wrote:

> GMail recently added "Labs" which in my understanding is "plugins".
> These labs include ability to show a preview of an image from the link
> pointing to it in the text of an e-mail (flickr, picassa, etc). This
> is as close as one can get to actually posting picture attachments on
> the list without actually doing so.

Just to clarify, they use lab as in "laboratory", ie experimental  
stuff that isn't part of the normal feature set.  They've been adding  
new features to that for a while and some of them are actually pretty  
nifty.  I've turned a couple on for my account but I've forgotten  
which ones.


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