Hurunui Dambusters Protest

David Mann dmann at
Fri Oct 16 05:28:56 EDT 2009

On Oct 16, 2009, at 7:47 PM, Christine Aguila wrote:

> Hi Dave:  The shot of what looks like 3 fisherman in the water near  
> the weeping willow tree looks like a winner.  I'd love to see that  
> one larger, though I understand about the size.  Composition looks  
> great there.  Also the one immediately following  the 3 fisherman is  
> a terrific shot as well. Looks like a great crowd shot.
> Nice work, Dave.  Cheers, Christine

Yes I was quite fond of the fishermen shot with that lovely willow  
tree but there's something, I don't quite know what, that still annoys  
me about the composition.  What you see is a slight crop: I removed  
some foreground river and a tiny bit off the left where someone's red  
jacket was annoying me.  You can still see their arm at the edge of  
the frame.

I had a few variations of the crowd shot taken with a wider lens to  
show more scenery: background buildings, surrounding trees etc.  I  
preferred others artistically but I made my decision based on it being  
event coverage so I felt it was better to focus on the people.

Here are links to larger versions of those two files...

BTW I should explain the lone guy holding a sign as none of you are  
likely to recognise him.  He's Robin Judkins, who organises the iconic  
Coast to Coast multisport adventure race.  He's quite a character and  
is very well known in this country.  It's probably not often you'd see  
him standing by himself.

Now that I think about it, the last protest I photographed was when I  
met Bob W in London in... 2002 I think.  I still remember the Leica  
shops :)


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